Who the heck is Fat Roland?

I'm a writer, performer and events person. That's the simple version. I spend my days running events for the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, writing for Electronic Sound magazine, for which I am a columnist, and covering events for Manchester Wire. I co-run the live literature night Bad Language and I appear on stages performing my own illustrated form of standup spoken word. Following two Edinburgh Fringe shows, I am now writing a third show in partnership with The Lowry: this will debut in 2018. Oh and I do a podcast.

More biographical details below. If you want to book me for a reading, performance, compering, talk, workshop, or just for a chat, then please email me on f@troland.co.uk. Or click this picture:

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Fat Roland is a standup spoken word artist who has been likened to “Johnny Vegas devouring Sam Simmons… on a rollercoaster…. driven by a depressed buffalo”. He is champion of Literary Death Match Manchester and co-runs Bad Language, voted the UK’s best spoken word night two years in a row. He recently won a Developed With The Lowry commission to write a new show, which probably won’t include rollercoasters or buffalo.

“Superb audience interaction twinned with some excellent improvisation work... a must-see for any fan of music... Fat Roland’s deadpan inanity twinned with the often hilarious additions of sketches held up on cardboard is superbly executed.” – Broadway Baby on Fat Roland's debut Edinburgh Fringe show Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship.

When linking to this site in blurbs, please use www.FatRoland.co.uk.

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Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship: 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show with Laughing Horse.
Will the real Fat Roland please stand up? (2013)

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