My Warp top ten: it's not all Warp and there aren't ten of them

Monthly mop-up: simmering Super Furries, dribbling confusion and net-loafing twazmuppets

Oh Venetian Snares, hold me in a tender embrace, and whisper to me these magic words: "Splooj Guzzlers"

Shut up, just shut up, shut up, shut up, just shup up, shut up

BPA's album is a trouser-fiddling mess of buffalo proportions

Definitely 12-inch new almost Dan music!

Aphex Twin's new album does exist, my lying mouth be damned

I've discovered this new thing called CDs / Still time to spend time with Fat Roland

Do you pay for your record collection?

Bullion's trundling, Mount Kimbie's clonking, while Dan Deacon does the splits

Dorian Concept's When Planets Explode is a sumo wrestler with smiley faces tattoed on his ample buttocks

A Satirikul Cartoon By Fat Roland: this website's equivalent of 'hold music'

Syntheme's winsome shit, Kompakt's ambient 'shosts' and Circlesquare's dullness

A History Of The Prodigy For People That Can't Be Bothered Reading The Wikipedia Article

We Were Spending Precious Time

Art exhibitionism: swarfega meisterwerks, Dutch prostitutes and-- oh sack being clever, just COME SEE ME DJ!

All that Ritornell jazz trumped by a wonky Shitkatapult